Turnkey finishing

Finishing a turnkey apartment, just like finishing a turnkey house, is a stage of work in which we also specialize. After the completion of the projects, we prepare cost estimates covering the full range of work and finishing materials, including comprehensive equipment. Our “turnkey finishing” offer is addressed primarily to those for whom construction, and thus active participation in it, is too time-consuming and cumbersome. In the case of turnkey interiors we take over the full range of work and responsibilities. Including supervising the construction, directing particular groups of our subcontractors.

When asked about the price of our services, we answer: the price depends on how extravagant and laborious will be the interiors that we have to design and then, perform.

After the completion of the investment, we provide maintenance services for our clients.

We have turnkey projects in Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow and Szczecin, among others.

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