Leathers, Glass and Venus

Most models of the living-room furniture by German producer Bruehl have been awarded a number of prizes and certificates, that is the Reddot Design Award, the Good Design, the Interior Innovation Award, the Designpreis Deutschland or the one that is the most important for both producers as well as customers – Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel). “The Blue Angel” is the most difficult award to attain in the furniture industry. To “live with the Angel” means simply to live in healthy surroundings. The Moule multifunctional corner sofa is made of Jumbo leather, which is classified among comfortable leathers dyed through in barrels. The delicately lacquered surface of the leather has been protected in this way from “unfriendly exploitation.” The use of gas springs in this piece of furniture allows the backrests and armrests to “follow” our body. Each backrest may be unfolded horizontally and the armrest, due to appropriate mechanisms, becomes an adjustable footrest. It is also important to note that all elements of this object are coated with leather covers, which, in case of some fabrics, may be machine washed. Those convenient features are typical of Bruehl furniture, the quality of which is unattainable in case of some producers. The glass elements for living rooms, on the other hand, are the icons of the offer from Fiam Italia. The Shell table is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a beautiful sculpture, just as the finely bent sculpture of Venus from the Szczecin gallery is. The interior could not exist without the Caadre mirror, the form of which makes it different from a regular one. Everything here is remarkable and comes from our unique trade offer.